Daily use of cashmere products

Cashmere suit wearing clothes of the season to use to authenticate users can look magnificent luxurious, comfortable, lightweight soft and warm the body. If that was previously considered a luxury is now even more casual, everyday use. Lately, people are free, simple, and every day are interested in targeting model is mixed with silk or cotton thread svljseneeree more durable and sturdy.

a progress cashmere garments are no longer textile apparel emissions. Warehouse skirts and hats to sweaters, coats, coats etc. to produce all kinds of textile garments like such. Shape for ulirlaasaa because of spring and summer silk, cashmere, bolsookh warm autumn and winter fashion modern fashion trend. And designers are talking about the last time a lot of wear fashion cashmere dress.

Wool, cashmere is not of any allergies hygienic and environmentally friendly products. Mongolia’s harsh climate and geographical location, there are garden features Mongolian cashmere soft, long and fine due.

Introduction of wool, cashmere industry

Wool and complete the final stages to the finished product at the moment raw materials processing industry may have to wait 15 component manufacturers, technology companies, and primary processing of cashmere raw materials / scouring / factory workshop, 23 foreign countries / Korea, Taiwan, China / or domestic buying finished yarn spinning factories knit jewelry, knitting a specialized industry, the company manufactures 49, 150 textile manufacture has been working for small household running.

As a market – Governmental discounted in the 2014 national industry a total of 2,600 tons of raw cashmere is prepared to increase performance the previous year increased by 2 times, production and borluulalt- by 35-40%.

in order to improve competitiveness and increase exports has defined the following activities:

“Mongolian Noble Fibre” co-brand quality mark bürgüüleed 31 foreign countries through the registered name of the Mongolian Ministry of National Patent, the World Intellectual Property Organization. “Mongolian noble fibre” co-brand quality of products bought in to quality assurance laboratory capacity building and the ADB “Agriculture” Opta 2000 operations “fiber diameter of Rural Development” project funded by the purpose of quality assurance laboratory right analyze and IWTO have taken the test right fiber diameter determination tests.