National maker Goyol Cashmere company has been working with a sense of responsibility is established at the top of society in all aspects of the company’s operations since its inception continue proceed responsibly of its functions:

  • Conducting business with integrity and adhere to the highest standards of social responsibility.
  • Endorsement of law enforcement legislation and related regulations.
  • Nature Institute operates in environmentally friendly activities and to support environmental and social good progress toward being.
  • Create a comfortable and safe working environment to increase employee and staff productivity.
  • Human rights respect the protection of consumers, customers and employees collaborating partners.
  • Mobilize users and their customers with superior products and services, with our talents, fulfillment delivery.
  • Comply with conditions of education workers and focus on employee social issues and learning.
  • Goyol Cashmerecompany with contacts, those who open and equal cooperation and access to justice.


Our company has been established since beginning to work with a sense of social responsibility, art, sports, education, science, society, economy, and tourism said domestic sponsor of the vital sectors, always working openly with affiliated organizations.

  • МУСТА Дуучин Түмэн-Өлзий болон МУСТА Жүжигчин Сөрөлт нарын хамтарсан “Хөөрхөн” тоглолтын ерөнхий ивээн тэтгэгчээр оролцсон-2015 он
  • Annual sales branch facilities of public green Stores trees and bushes before greenhousing and plant.
  • For at least five the entire development of fixed disabilities and provide permanent jobs for workers in practice.
  • Conduct regular customers encourages clients to compromise with prices above 200 $ amount of goods auction to support the exchange rate of national currency of Mongolia.
  • Always constant public and private TV, FM radio and social entertainment, discussion and policy coverage, sponsor and partner with a great organization.
  • 100% cashmere scarves handing to the desired success in future competitions of young athletes with the state emblem of the Mongolian Football Federation.
  • Ornaments for the celebration of the children home, “children’s drawing” contest that encourages the establishment gave samples of all young children a gift hosted product.
  • Generic name sponsor participated in international sports events and national broadcaster of entertainment organized by the popularity spread of Mongolian athletes via TV-5 television.
  • Establish conditions can be employed in women-headed provide jobs site includes regularly train and educate their factories.
  • Organization has a long rewarding years of productive work staff and rewarding employees to meet its 2 staff housing.