Central Asia in the bosom of the vast four seasons Siberian cold air in the winter and summer, before subduing climate extreme weather comes hot air access. As of Mongolian ancient man came in grazing all animals adapt to characteristics of the weather. Our ancestors had to use early domestication 5 domestic animal breeding livestock feeding raw materials to become conventional livestock farming life. Furthermore, the unique characteristics of culture to other countries in the world production has created a lifestyle.

If the non-mining precious resources of life for ecological market is open to motor through the state fibers in the Mongolian cashmere, yak wool. “Mongolian King fiber-based” brand of high quality cashmere, yak wool raw natural choice with the color of Mongolian origin, such as a luxury brand with roots information to the party raw material advantages of different countries along with other characteristics of users.

Cashmere goat

Animals well suited for adaptation to Mongolia’s harsh climate is a goat. Cashmere goats northern Mongolian States and the People’s Republic of China and the Middle East, Nepal, the Himalayan region near Iran’s mountainous regions are distributed. Mongolian grass of fertile soil to grow food plants are weakened teveergee goats, having sufficient energy to overcome the winter shorter summer season features iddegeeree. In winter, grow cashmere holding fine, the air over their long heavy margins, are obliged to maintain the heat. That light, soft, warm nature is the rarest and most superior and most luxurious cashmere raw material. Thus, this characteristic also made into warm, high quality, durable products pass through the cold winter, the main roots. Mongolian cashmere products have become büteegderüün competitive in international markets. Mongolian cashmere goats yield weighing 250-280 grams on average, 3,8-4,5sm, 13-16,5 microns in diameter and 1 g of pure cashmere average length of 9-10 meters phones eerdeg. only rich Mongolian cashmere atria, long-grain, durable and have a greater chance of producing good quality yarn, so the advantage of bright color, other countries, cashmere.

Our country is currently:

  • Mongolian breed goats
  • Tal breed
  • Panicles sor
  • Energy
  • Bayandelger red
  • Gray
  • Ulgiiaimag red
  • Gobi three beautiful
  • Mountain Brown
  • Multiplying the Altai red goats to breed strains.

                                  Today, the world produces and sale was done in a variety of colors painted along cashmere products of modern fashion color trends in recent years, mankind has seen not use any chemical raw materials, given their health and prefer natural unbleached, unpainted. But the Mongolian cashmere is unbleached natural, unpainted base 4 colors. White, beige, blue-gray and brown colors every Mongolian goat dominant color appearance and contains its own characteristics and unique appearance.


Camels are animals adapt to live in the Gobi Desert in winter freezing cold reaches 50 degrees, summer glow +40 degrees. Only the world’s the world’s only camel humps, there are two kinds of camel humps two Presidium is back and Inner Mongolia. Two camel Presidium of the present 3000 years ago, the first domesticated, meat, milk and wool production has been used widely in their lives. In addition to camel consists of intermediate rough hairs, wool, hair, fleece of sheep and cashmere content is coarser. Camel wool quality is different because of the distinctive, soft wool or drugs, and heavy wool or man his age. Rough scene that may grow up to 40 cm in diameter and 20-120mkm, but wool and cashmere woven textile for 2,5-13 cm diameter wire is used as 17-24 microns. This has the advantage durable substance than cashmere. One-year-old girl toromny soft wool cashmere 94.2 percent and top 3.2, intermediate 2.6% while the 3-year-old camel hair / hair gunjind hair hair / cashmere 97.3 percent and top 4.2, intermediate 4.5 percent, more than five atny soft wool cashmere 90.4% Beluga 6.8, intermediate hair and 2.8 per cent. There are two features Presidium of camel wool camel single Presidium more light, soft, warm fleece. And fast, good air circulation and heat storage capacity to produce products for good, tsakhilgaanjdaggüi a high ability to produce products and services that meet the tastes of cashmere, sheep wool, the same end users and customers.

Yak wool

Yak is a high ridge, Subalpine graze low heat-resistant and frost tolerant, scientifically proven that cold-stunning adaptation of our country’s forested mountainous region popular fertility high milk yield, oily skin, and contains unique characteristics of leather, wool and meat quality productivity is higher animals. because 80% live in cooler areas dark shape adapted to absorb solar radiation is züsmiinkh. Yak wool intermediate values ​​of raw cashmere is cashmere goat hair, and treasures her hair after rascal and flexible nature. The particle is slightly lower than the value of them to length of 30-35 mm, cashmere production technology requirements. Styling body is rich, lush cashmere. These are most of the features used as cold and soft, warm sun beams of light shields, snow, ice, gravel, rocks lay heating mats season. Mongolian yak wool is absorbed by natural “white” and “gray” and “dark gray” and “light brown” and “deep” whiten brown colored, unpainted 5. At least contain an average length of 35 mm particle unique characteristics of every color and are 18-23 microns in diameter.

Yak wool is more than the production of cashmere products are more convenient because it does not durable, warm, durable, hypoallergenic and also absorbs body moisture is good think. And yak wool is high blood pressure, kidney disease, and material characteristics were used in traditional medicine to know in advance of the spinal inflammatory disease cure of nature.